Principles of tranformation

At Thrive Dynamic we partner with clients to take on some of the world’s greatest business challenges. We believe technology can be a force for good that ushers in a new era of possibility and prosperity for all. These principles are the backbone of our organization and the animating force behind everything we do. They are the reason we jump out of bed in the morning, the benchmarks that align our decision making and the essential character upon which we build lasting relationships.

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Alliance of Best-in-Class Global Experts and Polymaths

Brent Hire – Founder & CEO

Brent has worked between Silicon Valley, Europe and the Middle East for more than two decades. During the dotcom boom he founded and successfully exited two high-tech startups. As Board Advisor to KPMG and CIO of Singularity University, Brent spearheaded corporate transformation to rapidly generate and capture new market value.

Brent graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University, University of Michigan and University of Berkeley (MBA, MPA and MS). He has carried out client facing work with Clay Christensen (disruptive innovation), Michael Porter (business cluster strategies) and Ray Kurzweil (technologist). Brent has managed groundbreaking projects in new market entry, strategic growth and transformation with global leaders in every key sector.

Brent’s expertise is in using systems thinking and behavioral economics to help companies navigate the leading edge of strategic innovation. His work is characterized by unrelenting resourcefulness, counter-intuitive thinking and the joy he takes in working with people from diverse backgrounds to invent the future.

Michael MacKay – Information Architect

Michael’s greatest contributions are in the area of creative problem solving and technical team management. His ability to structure and implement cross-disciplinary technical solutions at scale has repeatedly produced industry breakthroughs. A proven innovator, Michael holds 24 patents across industries. Michael maintains a laser like focus on the opportunities and challenges presented by media convergence.

Michael has significantly advanced the fields of AI, IIoT, edge computing, digital twins, hyperautomation, intelligent buildings/cities, renewable energy, connected logistics, advanced human computer interfaces, collaborative computing, secure networking, IT infrastructure, photonic storage area networks,
digital media creation/broadcast, intelligent studios, direct broadcast satellite [dbs] and broadband cable (dvb, voip, and docsis).

Michael was trained as a scientist, studied AI with Marvin Minsky at MIT and worked with Alan Kaye at Atari. Over the past thirty years, he has actively pioneered the fields of information architecture and digital media convergence. More recently he has been actively designing next generation chemical and bio electronic systems.

Ed Rivera – Growth Expert

Ed Rivera is a creative, multitalented leader who manages the process of innovation and change management to reinvent, restructure and grow businesses by delivering award winning user experiences that transform organizations and markets.

With a long track-record managing business plans across functions and multiple industries, he passionately executes vision to exit. At the forefront of some of the most groundbreaking technologies, he is currently focused on digital infrastructure, and the impact of technology on people, markets, and countries.

Andrew Ng – AI Pioneer

Andrew is a Stanford Professor and one of the world’s top 5 AI technology leaders. He is counted amongst Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, and #1 Most Influential Machine Learning Scholar Globally. Andrew was the original founding member of Google Brain (Google’s initiative to become pervasively AI-enabled in 2011) and Baidu’s Chief AI Scientist in 2014 (to help Baidu catch up and try to surpass Google in AI). Andrew also founded Coursera (the world’s largest online learning platform) in his spare time.

Andrew founded Landing AI with the vision that AI is the new electricity. Just as electricity revolutionized lives 100 years ago, AI is set to completely change our lives today. Instead of continuing to advance the tech giants, Andrew realized the important role AI has in transforming all sectors. Landing’s standardized data-centric platforms make it possible for clients to build, deploy, and scale AI applications 10x faster. Landing provides privileged access to world renowned expertise so that clients can take mission critical business challenges head on and rapidly generate game changing ROI.

Prof Roland Geraerts – Advanced Simulations

Roland Geraerts is Assistant Professor of Geometric Computing at Utrecht University. His research is focused on pioneering crowd simulation techniques in game engines and virtual environments.

Roland co-founded uCrowds to build the most advanced crowd simulations currently available. The software suite provides the world’s fastest interactive crowd simulation engine with 500.000 real-time agents. uCrowds facilitates next generation digital twins, synthetic single environments, and the Metaverse. Applications can analyze and optimize the performance of an endless variety of city systems.

Digital Twins of city transportation systems can be used to identify system bottlenecks, optimize traffic flow, and reduce congestion. New urban projects, such as new buildings, infrastructure, or public spaces can be designed and tested. Other uses include training, simulation, and visualization, e.g., to train city planners on new development plans, or to simulate the effects of changes to city infrastructure. Interactive visualization and interaction make analysis intuitive.

John Hagel – Corporate Innovation Expert

John Hagel has spent over 40 years in Silicon Valley as a management consultant, author, speaker and entrepreneur. After recently retiring as a partner from Deloitte, he published a new book, The Journey Beyond Fear, and is working on creating a new Center that will offer programs based on the book.

Throughout his career, John has worked with leaders of large institutions around the world. While at Deloitte, John was the founder and chairman of the global Deloitte Center for the Edge. Before joining Deloitte, John was a Principal at McKinsey & Company, where he was a leader in their Strategy Practice and helped to open their Silicon Valley office. John has served as senior vice president of strategy at Atari, Inc., and is the founder of two Silicon Valley startups.

John is also a faculty member at Singularity University and he is on the Board of Trustees at the Santa Fe Institute, an organization that conducts leading edge research on complex adaptive systems.

John received a BA from Wesleyan University, a B.Phil. from Oxford University, and a JD and MBA from Harvard University.

Prof Carlo van de Weijer – Future of Mobility

Carlo van de Weijer has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the TU Eindhoven and a PhD degree with honors from TU in Graz.

Carlo carries a broad experience in the automotive industry with a.o. executive positions at Siemens and TomTom. Currently he is managing director of the newly founded Eindhoven AI System Institute EAISI at Eindhoven University of Technology, and Fellow for future of mobility and transport within the Deloitte Center for the Edge. He advises ministries and industries around the world on the future of mobility and is member of the supervisory board of several high-tech companies and start-ups. Furthermore, he is a weekly columnist in a leading Dutch national newspaper.

Prof Frank Thuijsman – Dynamic Game Theorist

Frank is a game theory expert and balanced systems thinker with a focus on applications in dynamic models, networks, strategic optimization, data science, artificial intelligence, and operations research.

Frank’s contacts with Nobel Prize winners and top global experts inspired him to found KE@Work, a unique prize-winning honors program at Maastricht University in which top performing BSc students in Data Science & AI combine academic studies with research on real-world challenges at businesses and organizations for two full years.

The program is intended to help push high potential candidates to the next level, and thereby accelerate the development of a new generation of innovative researchers that can see across and combine otherwise disparate worlds of operations research, econometrics, data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and commercial interests. Since its founding, his business network continues to grow very fast and many high-performing candidates have successfully completed the program and entered the workforce as influential system thinkers.

Christian Ketels – Strategy, Cluster, and Competitiveness Expert

Christian helps firms, locations, and groups of related industries to set strategy and strengthen their international competitiveness.

Christian is a leading global expert in the development of competitive business clusters. He works with governments, international organizations, business networks and individual firms to develop the strategies and policies that underpin cluster success. Areas of focus include market structure analysis, competitiveness diagnostics, strategy development, and the design of processes and structures to make and implement strategic choices over time.

Matthew West – Information and Standards Strategist

Matthew is a preeminent Systems Thinker and world-class information and standards strategist. He received his PhD from Leeds in Chemical Engineering where he pioneered applications of mathematical and numerical methods to wicked problems (challenges without clear solutions).

Matthew worked at Shell for 30 years, where he was at the cutting edge of applying computing to solving business and engineering problems. He was a thought leader in Shell’s data management revolution, and one of the developers of the information strategy for Shell’s multi-billion dollar Downstream One project. He has been a trailblazer in the development of industry data models, Reference Data Architectures and Ontologies.

Matthew’s ontological approach to sharing data supports the creation of ‘Thin Slices’ (data equivalents of an MVP) with rigor and discipline required to scale them into systemwide architectures. He was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for services to Information Management in Business.

Prof Gerrit Hoogenboom – Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Gerrit Hoogenboom is a Preeminent Scholar in the Global Food Systems Institute and Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at the University of Florida, USA.

Prior to joining the University of Florida, he was the Director of the AgWeatherNet Program and Professor of Agrometeorology at Washington State University. He has over 30 years of experience in the development of crop simulation models and decision support systems in agriculture and natural resource management. Applications range from gene-based modeling to climate change, water resources management, biofuels, economic and environmental sustainability, and food and nutrition security.

Gerrit currently coordinates the development of the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer (DSSAT;, the world’s most widely used crop modeling platform. He frequently facilitates international training workshops on crop modeling and DSSAT. He has published over 500 scientific papers as well as numerous book chapters and proceedings. Since 2019, he is the Editor-in-Chief for The Journal of Agricultural Science (Cambridge).

He received his Ph.D. from Auburn University, USA, and M.Sc. in Theoretical Production Ecology and M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Horticulture from Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

Rahul Daswani – GovTech Transformation Pioneer

Rahul is an intrapreneur, designing and implementing initiatives to build capabilities and culture.

Rahul’s experience includes founding or being in the early stages of 5 government startups: Open Government Products, Strategy Group in Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office, SkillsFuture Singapore, Ethiopia’s Agricultural Transformation Agency, and Papua New Guinea’s Climate Change Development Authority.

He is the Singapore Country Advisor for the Center for Asia Leadership, and teaches Adaptive Leadership across South-East Asia, including workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. Rahul regularly speaks on panels on the future of work, future workforce, enhancing organizational performance and building capabilities.

Dr. Divya Chander – Neuroscientist & Futurist

Divya Chander, MD, PhD, is a physician, neuroscientist and futurist working at the intersection of health, data, technology, and security. Divya trained at Harvard, UCSD, UCSF, and the Salk Institute. She is Chair of Neuroscience and Faculty of Medicine at the Singularity Group, served as Senior Nonresident Fellow at the Atlantic Council, GeoTech Center for 3 years, and is a Loomis Innovation Council member at the Stimson Center international think tank.

One of Divya’s goals is to understand neural mechanisms of consciousness and apply this knowledge to development of advanced human machine interfaces. She is an advocate for data and biometric rights and serves as medical advisor to the Extended Reality Safety Initiative, helping develop standards for identity and sensitive healthcare data security, and exploring alternate internet architectures to support digital identity and biometrics. Dr. Chander has also founded a continuous, intelligent brain monitoring platform for the detection of changes in states of consciousness. Her research involves mapping consciousness and writing algorithms for the automated tracking of altered states, developing, and testing new theories of consciousness, predicting the effect of human augmentation on consciousness, and applying consciousness mapping in humans may enable us to recognize it in non-human, intelligent beings.

Dr. Chander has a parallel passion for space exploration. A finalist for astronaut selection and an alumnus of the International Space University, Dr. Chander has performed remote simulations of trauma rescues, anesthesia and surgery in Mars analogue settings. She is developing models for critical care, surgical and anesthesia facilities to enable human space travel.

James Ehrlich – Regenerative and Resilient Communities

James is a serial entrepreneur in technology, media and cleantech. Founder at ReGen Villages, Entrepreneur in Residence at Stanford University School of Medicine in the CCARE Institute under Dr. James Doty.

James is a Senior Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center, White House and State Department Joint Task Force on the Nexus of Food, Water, Energy & Waste. He received Singularity University’s Global Grand Challenge Award in the category of Shelter. Co-Author of the UN Sustainability Platform Brief “Regenerative Community Development” together with Professor Larry Leifer and Chris Ford (AIA) – Stanford University Center for Design Research.

James was the producer and director of the award winning national PBS (public television) and best-selling published author of Organic Living, which included case studies of organic and bio-dynamic family farms and their connection to the strongest communities in the world (HG Healthy Living, Hachette 2007).

Miranda Sharp – Data, Value & People Pioneer

Miranda was the Lead for the Commons and Approach Streams of the National Digital Twin Programme. She holds positions as a member of the London Mayor’s Infrastructure Advisory Panel, trustee at the Centre for Cities think tank, Non-Executive Director at the Transport Research Laboratory steering group for the Infrastructure Client Group’s Digital Transformation Task Group and Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Technology Advisory Panel.

Miranda’s interest is in making both new and existing assets smarter with the benefits of data and innovative business models. She is passionate about using data as a resource to fuel the digital economy, smart infrastructure which benefit humans and do good. She has an exceptional ability to connect data, people and innovative business models with opportunities to enable better decisions and generate value.

Previously at Ordnance Survey, Miranda founded and lead the cross functional practice which collaborates with enterprises from the public and private sectors, academic researchers, and entrepreneurs from OS’s Geovation community in the use and exploitation of place-based data.

Tim Fenemore – Systems Thinking Engineer

Tim is a systems thinking engineer with experience that cuts across many interrelated sectors: construction, rail, aerospace, utilities, telecom, business systems, business change management, program management, implementation of project controls, lean construction, lean engineering and integrated product development.

Tim delights in deriving and sharing best practices, especially at the intersection of commercial value propositions and cultural change. He has successful firsthand experience in leadership of technical programs and acting as the catalyst for associated cultural changes to realize the benefit stream. This stretches from his days at Rolls-Royce Aerospace, when he was part of the original team that introduced CAD/CAM solutions to management of complex construction infrastructure mega-programs.

Through these experiences Tim has developed a unique ability to combine cutting-edge emerging technology with the commercial translation and cultural change programs required for successful implementation. Turning abstract concepts into plain English that produce straightforward results.

Dr. Jonathan Reichental – Smart Cities Thought Leader

Jonathan is one of the world’s preeminent business technology and smart city scholars, advisers, and educators. His expertise includes but is not limited to: IT strategy development and execution, innovation management, data governance, transformation of organizational processes through IT, the intersection of leadership, technology and social good, emerging technologies including blockchain and cybersecurity, smart cities, and the fourth industrial revolution.

Jonathan works with organizations and governments around the world including the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Singapore Government, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), and Saudi Telecom (STC). Dr. Reichental has written a best-selling book on how to design and build a smarter and more sustainable city. He is an in-demand writer, educator, and keynote speaker at universities and at technology and business events across the globe.

Laila AL Hadhrami – Smart and Sustainable Cities Advisor

Laila has been a global advisor in Smart Cities and Digital Transformation in Government and Private sector for more than 18 years.

Laila is one of the early pioneers of the Metaverse since 2006. Laila is one of the leading experts in Smart Cities in The Middle East and established Smart Cities Development in one of the Omani semi government companies to lead the vision of Smart Cities in Oman.

She has worked with a variety of UN organizations and as a Research Fellow in UNU eGov. She is also the Founder of the Smart Cities Ambassadors program. Laila is regarded as one of the inspiring and influential women leaders in The Middle East and was recently awarded Top 50 Inspiring Women in Oman and The Middle East and within the most 20 inspiring personalities in Oman 2021. Laila is a global keynote speaker and participated in more than 100 conferences.

Dr. Boyd Cohen – Sustainable Development And Smart Cities Strategist

Boyd is cofounder of Iomob, building a decentralized Internet of Mobility network as a Cosmos app chain, and WheelCoin, the first Move2Earn game that rewards users for moving green. He is also host of the podcast, Web3 on the Move! and a columnist for CoinDesk.

After finishing a three-year stint at Accenture, Boyd obtained his Ph.D. in strategy and entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado (2001). He has published 3 books (Climate Capitalism, 2011; The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur, 2016; Post-capitalist Entrepreneurship, 2017), dozens of peer reviewed articles including the highest cited article on shared mobility and was a frequent contributor to Fast Company for many years.
Specialties: Smart cities and smart mobility, urban & sustainable entrepreneurship, blockchain for good, Move2Earn.


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