Principles of tranformation

At Thrive Dynamic we partner with clients to take on some of the world’s greatest business challenges. We believe technology can be a force for good that ushers in a new era of possibility and prosperity for all. These principles are the backbone of our organization and the animating force behind everything we do. They are the reason we jump out of bed in the morning, the benchmarks that align our decision making and the essential character upon which we build lasting relationships.


Brent Hire (Founder & CEO)

Brent has worked between Silicon Valley and Europe for more than two decades. During the dotcom boom he founded and successfully exited two high-tech startups. As Board Advisor to KPMG and CIO of Singularity University, Brent spearheaded corporate transformation to rapidly generate and capture new market value.

Brent graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University, University of Michigan and University of Berkeley (MBA, MPA and MS). He has carried out client facing work with Clay Christensen (disruptive innovation), Michael Porter (business cluster strategies) and Ray Kurzweil (technologist). Brent has managed groundbreaking projects in new market entry, strategic growth and transformation with global leaders in every key sector.

Brent’s expertise is in using systems thinking and behavioral economics to help companies navigate the leading edge of strategic innovation. His work is characterized by unrelenting resourcefulness, counter-intuitive thinking and the joy he takes in working with people from diverse backgrounds to invent the future.

Michael MacKay (CSO)

Michael’s greatest contributions are in the area of creative problem solving and technical team management. His ability to structure and implement cross-disciplinary technical solutions at scale has repeatedly produced industry breakthroughs. A proven innovator, Michael holds 24 patents across industries. Michael maintains a laser like focus on the opportunities and challenges presented by media convergence.

Michael has significantly advanced the fields of AI, IIoT, edge computing, digital twins, hyperautomation, intelligent buildings/cities, renewable energy, connected logistics, advanced human computer interfaces, collaborative computing, secure networking, IT infrastructure, photonic storage area networks,
digital media creation/broadcast, intelligent studios, direct broadcast satellite [dbs] and broadband cable (dvb, voip, and docsis).

Michael was trained as a scientist, studied AI with Marvin Minsky at MIT and worked with Alan Kaye at Atari. Over the past thirty years, he has actively pioneered the fields of information architecture and digital media convergence. More recently he has been actively designing next generation chemical and bio electronic systems.

Christian von Reventlow (CTO)

Christian is a true global executive with a track record of more than 25 years leading and transforming companies at scale. Christian has pioneered Industry 4.0 solutions in AI, AR, IoT, digital twins, 5G and edge/cloud computing.

As the former CTO at Telstra, Christian repositioned the consumer business to compete on value instead of price and delivered immediate financial results. As CPIO at Deutsche Telekom, Christian led a transformation of core processes to drive enterprise-wide deployment of Industry 4.0 technologies – his success is detailed in an independent 2018 case study by MIT. At VP at Intel, Christian introduced a software development approach culminating in delivery of the company’s fastest chip project ever. At Avaya, Christian grew Next Generation Products revenues from $300M to $550M. In 2001, Christian was responsible for creating and launching the first ever cloud service in Europe.

Christian is the author of The Digital Shift: Design’ s new role as AI transforms into Personal Intelligence. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Technical University Berlin, and a Master in Physics from Ruhruniversitaet Bochum.

Andrew Ng (Strategic Partner)

Andrew is a Stanford Professor and one of the world’s top 5 AI technology leaders. He is counted amongst Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world, and #1 Most Influential Machine Learning Scholar Globally. Andrew was the original founding member of Google Brain (Google’s initiative to become pervasively AI-enabled in 2011) and Baidu’s Chief AI Scientist in 2014 (to help Baidu catch up and try to surpass Google in AI). Andrew also founded Coursera (the world’s largest online learning platform) in his spare time.

Andrew founded Landing AI with the vision that AI is the new electricity. Just as electricity revolutionized lives 100 years ago, AI is set to completely change our lives today. Instead of continuing to advance the tech giants, Andrew realized the important role AI has in transforming all sectors. Landing’s standardized data-centric platforms make it possible for clients to build, deploy, and scale AI applications 10x faster. Landing provides privileged access to world renowned expertise so that clients can take mission critical business challenges head on and rapidly generate game changing ROI.


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