Industry 4.0 Transformation

There is nothing artificial about Artificial Intelligence. AI is inspired by people, created by people, and transforming industry like no technology before it. AI is expected to add 16% ($13T) to current global economic output by 2030. This transformation will have a far greater impact on the economy than any previous technology before it. Consider steam engines in the 1800s, robots in the 1990s or the introduction of IT in the 2000s.

Businesses and operating models, markets, supply chains, and brand relevance are all at risk of rapid obsolescence. But AI is not a threat, it’s opportunity on an unprecedented scale. In an increasingly limitless world, a company’s ability to thrive is defined by leadership’s ability to see around the next corner.

Companies achieving the greatest gains with AI are reconsidering their entire value chain from start to finish. Prominent companies have an unprecedented window of opportunity to build high-growth, high-margin, highly defensible businesses. And yet, years of research shows that digital transformation all too often results in failure. Often leadership does not understand what AI can or cannot do, or it thinks too small or too big, or it has a requirement to survey all existing processes before picking “the right one”, or pet projects are pursued at the expense of sound strategy. AI transformation is not easy, but there are intelligent ways to minimize the downside while leaving room to generate limitless upside value. Thrive Dynamic does this by breaking transformation into overseeable and actionable steps, engaging world-class talent and employing a unique shared risk/reward model.

The most successful companies combine unique AI assets under one coherent AI transformation strategy to form defensible technological moats. Such AI transformations develop the capacity for companies to dynamically adapt the line between human and artificial intelligence so that both can advance at doing what each does best in real-time. This “human-in-the-loop” or Intelligence Augmentation (IA) approach allows for the creation of customer-centric value chains that fluidly adapt to the job-to-be-done. Thrive Dynamic’s expertise is in helping clients find and maintain razor sharp focus on this moving target.

“AI is the new electricity. It has the potential to transform every industry and to create huge economic value.”

~ Andrew Ng

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